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Container K-2
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Container K-2

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Container K-2


External 145×114×56 mm
Internal 130x99x49,5 mm
Bottom volume 450 ml
Cover volume 150 ml
Quantity in a box 600


Packing material — PETF. It is intended for cold products.

Plastic one-time packing, tortnitsa and korreksa from PETF film, are intended for packing, transportation and storage of confectionery, meat and dairy products, salads, semi-finished products, ice cream, the frozen berries, dried fruits, production of technical appointment, etc.
Distinctive properties of one-time packing from PETF film, are:

— ecological purity and harmlessness;
— glossy surface;
— high transparency;
— excellent barrier properties;
— high crash-worthiness;
— resistance to oils, fats and many solvents.

Material:пленка ПЭТФ (прозрачная)
Information is up-to-date: 22.02.2018

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