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PET film

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Country of manufacture:Belarus

The film can be made:

  • With use of the anti-blocking additive. Such films are used for production of blisterny packing;
  • With processing of a surface silicone. The film has high transparency. It is used generally for thermomolding of packing for foodstuff;
  • With additional processing crown category. The film is used for production of POS materials, for an insert of windows, under the press.

Films of PETF surpass in resistance to a repeated bend of a film polystyrene by 100 times, PVC films rigid at 20-25 times. Along with it, PETF in comparison with PS and PVC, is not subject to change of color on the line of an excess at repeated bends.

By production of films of PETF for thermoformation, their anti-blocking properties are of great importance. Thanks to input of the anti-blocking additive in external layers of a film of PETF reduction of electrostatic tension by surfaces of a film is reached, product PETF in foot are not blocked, and easily separated.

The made foam films, keeping properties of amorphous films of PETF (durability, a baryernost, frost resistance, etc.) have considerably smaller specific weight that allows to cut a material consumption on packing of one product for 25-30%. The made foam films can be painted in any color.

The metallized PETF film besides the high level of strength and barrier characteristics (especially low a svetopropuskaniye and kislorodopronitsayemost) possesses ability to processing on the modern packing equipment, rather low cost and profitability, maintains all types of thermal treatments, and also sterilizations. PETF easily gives in to metallization by a thin layer of aluminum in vacuum that allows to increase even more protective and mechanical properties of material, giving to packing from it high degree of smoothness and gloss. Such material is successfully applied instead of aluminum foil.

Country of manufacture:Belarus
Information is up-to-date: 13.02.2018

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